LET’S TALK! Is Being Gay or Lesbian A Sin —Should It Be Permitted In Nigeria?

For sure, we know when God created us, one of the reasons was for us to be fruitful and multiply the earth.

And so it’s quite surprising when a colleague or friend openly comes out on Twitter to admit being gay or lesbian, eventually putting that Rainbow sign or the LGBT flag  on his/her bio.

I actually have nothing against them, but I want to hear your opinion.

Is it mentally alright for a man to stop desiring pussy? And ladies no longer want to feel some “bamboo”

I’m saying this because the number of gays and lesbians we have in this country is on the increase already. People aren’t just coming out yet.

There are several celebrities in the industry who are gay or bisexual but won’t come out in the open to admit such.

So guys,

With the high number of secret gays and lesbians in this country,

Is Being Gay or Lesbian A Sin?

Should It Be Permitted In Nigeria?

Let’s hear your thoughts about this.

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